Below you’ll find links to our latest sermons, as well as links to sermon series we have finished.

Queen Esther – The Lord Always Has the Last Word

Queen Esther – A Turn of Events

Queen Esther – “…and They Shall Reap the Whirlwind.”

Queen Esther – Hoist With His Own Petard

Queen Esther – Beauty and the Beast

Queen Esther – For Such a Time as This

Queen Esther – How Low Can You Go?

Queen Esther – Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

Queen Esther – Three Feasts and a Decree


Romans (Summer 2019)

Gideon (Summer 2019)

First Peter (February-July 2019)

Jonah (January-February 2019)

Songs of Advent (December 2018)

First Corinthians (April-November 2018)