Below you’ll find links to our latest sermons (most recent first), as well as a link to sermon series we have finished.

Matthew – True Fasting

Matthew – “Teach Us To Pray”

Matthew – Don’t Be a Hypocrite

Matthew – Love Your Enemies

Matthew – Oaths and Retaliation

Easter Sunday 2021

Palm Sunday 2021

Matthew – Killing Sin

Matthew – The Heart of Murder

Matthew – Jesus and the Old Testament

Matthew – Being Salt and Light

Matthew – The Beatitudes, part two

Matthew – The Beatitudes, part one

Matthew – Jesus Begins His Ministry

Matthew – The Temptation of Jesus

Matthew – “This is My Beloved Son”

Matthew – Prepare the Way of the Lord

Matthew – Who Do You Think Jesus Is?

Matthew – A Contrast of Character

Matthew – O Worship the King

You can find all our previous sermon series here.