In the past few years, podcasting has really taken off, and there are a number of really great Christian podcasts out there. Here are some that we have benefitted from with a brief comment on their content.

Ask Pastor John (iTunes)

Tony Reinke asks John Piper questions that have been sent in from listeners. Usually less than fifteen minutes long, these can be really helpful.

Countermoves (iTunes)

Published by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the political arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, this is a helpful podcast hosted by Andrew T Walker. Dealing with culture, he discusses different issues facing the Church with experts in that field. It focuses on issues in the US, but there is generally very helpful material here.

Credo Podcast (iTunes)

Hosted by Matthew Barrett, the founder and editor of Credo Magazine, this is a more theological podcast which sees conversations between theologians discussing some of the less explored theological issues of the day. It can be quite dry and technical, but worth plugging through if you want to expand your theological knowledge.

Culture Matters (iTunes)

A podcast from the Village Church, this is a helpful programme that discusses Christian responses to cultural issues, ranging from film and music to news issues. Again, while the focus is on cultural issues in the USA, there are still a number of helpful pointers for those of us elsewhere in the West.

ERLC Podcast (iTunes)

The flagship podcast series from the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission publishes a variety of lectures and conversations, similarly to the TGC podcast (below). Recently these programmes have included talks from the MLK50 conference in Memphis, with some very helpful and powerful messages from a variety of pastors and teachers.

Help Me Teach the Bible with Nancy Guthrie (iTunes)

Published through the Gospel Coalition, Nancy Guthrie is an accomplished Bible teacher and author in her own right, but in this podcast interviews a variety of Biblical teachers and experts with some really great conversations that are hugely helpful for any Christian seeking to understand the Bible better. Christopher Ash speaking on Job is particularly helpful.

Knowing Faith (iTunes)

Jen Wilkin, Kyle Worley and J.T. English from the Village Church in Dallas, Texas, present this programme which tackles different theological and biblical topics.

Signposts with Russell Moore (iTunes)

Every couple of weeks Russell Moore, the ERLC President, publishes these programmes where he speaks to an issue for around 20 minutes. Dr Moore is a thoughtful and biblical ethicist, and he tackles issues that he perceives will soon be significant within the church, offering some wise counsel.

TGC Word of the Week (iTunes)

Another TGC podcast, this does what it says on the tin – every Wednesday, a new gospel-centred sermon is released. It’s not all celebrity pastors, and they are sound, God-glorifying and biblical.

The Bible Project (iTunes)

We have benefitted from some of the videos The Bible Project produce, and these podcasts are essentially planning meetings between the creators as they discuss the issues behind new videos that they are releasing. There’s a good amount of Biblical and theological wisdom and knowledge to be gleaned here.

The Gospel Coalition (iTunes)

Sometimes a ten-minute round table discussion on an issue, other times a longer talk from one of their previous conferences, yet other times an interview with an author or teacher, this podcast covers a wide range of topics that are helpful to the application of the Christian life.

The Happy Rant (iTunes)

A bit different from all the other options on this list, this is for those of us who like a bit of a moan about things whilst also wanting to laugh. Authors Ted Kluck and Barnabas Piper, along with pastor Ronnie Martin, discuss a variety of topics ranging from the sublime to ridiculous. Sometimes as Christians, we need to laugh at ourselves, and this podcast certainly does that. (The bonus content on this podcast is that every second week, Barnabas and Ted present the Happy Rants Sports, a great little conversation if you’re interested in American sport.)

Truth for Life (iTunes)

Another sermon podcast, this is Alastair Begg of Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Adapted from a radio programme, these episodes follow sermon series and are very clear and very helpful.